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Our history

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The story begins in 2004, once my training as a stonemason is completed, nothing more natural for me than the creation of a workshop, in an old converted garage, which will quickly take the name of “Small Workshop”.

It will become this place where works of art were born and are shaped which echoed the design of architects, landscapers, but also the desires of all individuals.

Year after year, as we grew, I was joined by more talented and passionate men from all over France, these companions who today form the soul of the Petit Atelier, united their respective skills, guaranteeing by their know-how, their rigor and their human and professional complementarity, the quality of the work.
Within it, tradition and modernity unite, a thousand-year-old know-how that mingles with the performance of cutting-edge techniques.

Created in 2009, our design office quickly grew, made up of the most experienced team, these technicians are there to provide advice, follow-up, the feasibility of the work and the exact implementation. proportion.
Guarantor of our national heritage, the stone that we shape comes essentially from French quarries, the quality of which is no longer to be proven.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

With its new facilities, the Petit Atelier has just taken a new essential step in its development, in order to always guarantee optimal production and quality of work.
Today recognized on the largest construction sites for its talent and know-how, the Petit Atelier is proud to bear its name.

Stone staircase
Stone paving
Burgundy stone
Building stone
Freestone fireplace
Natural stone slab for terrace
Exterior paving stone
Outdoor stone paving
Natural stone paver
Not Japanese
Paver for terrace
Natural stone outdoor paving
Decoration marble
Natural stone paving
marbles, granites
natural stones
sale of tiles

Villa in Mougins

Materials used: Pierre du Perigord B1

Villa Cap d'Antibes

Materials used: Pierre de Florac, Classical Roman Travertine

Villa in Saint Jean
Cap Ferrat

Materials used: White statuary marble, Pietra gray

5 bis perigord B1 et dalles de bourgogne
Garden in Castellaras

Materials used: Pierre de Périgord B1, Old Burgundy slabs

5 perigord B1.jpg
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